Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We had a wonderful weekend visiting friends and family... it was a much needed weekend away:-)
And for the record this woman that I am blessed to call my grandma goes beyond what the definition of grandma is... Her love and dedication to her family is a real testimony and We love her SOOOO much! I am so thankful that my kids are able to enjoy her in a way that I remember enjoying "grandma's house".
 Mbaby having his first organ lesson from the man himself:-)
 Monday morning L2 and I got a morning date together and was able to get a listen to the baby's heartbeat and enjoyed lunch at Chipotle:-) 
 Today we made homemade play dough L2 here was explaining her delicious creation... "banana chocolate chip cookies with raspberry french potatoes.." Mmm! Sounds.... interesting there ducky!
 Mbaby used his portion to make very boy-like creations such as a phone and a "footbaw" (football) very important items to have on hand:-)
 L2's latest creation was "Free" butter ... say what? " yah mom u can have it cause it's Gluten free butter" Aww... thanks for thinking of me ducky! So sweet!
How is your Monday going?

 L1 and Family!

For the record... I don't have alot of pictures of Mgirl... growing up half her life in the Amish culture she hates her picture taken! So it's not because I don't want to post her it's that I try to respect her wishes... But I'll tell ya... if I do get to sneak a few in. I'll be posting a few:-) hehe
She LOVED our trip to B-Town and hopes to make many more trips and hang out with their youth group... She felt encouraged ... and that's the most important thing for us! She also finished out her first trimester at school with B's!!! WAHOOO! and a 3.0 GPA average for that session! All the stress and prodding has paid off:-) We are very proud parents:-) And to see her continue to blossom into a wonderful, joyful young lady just proves that God is working and real... He can take the most broken and put together a masterpiece of beauty beyond words... Praise God!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday

Today I say a special prayer for the children who have been left behind... who do not have someone in their life they can call Mommy or daddy. No matter the circumstances that have brought them to this point I pray for comfort and healing... I say a prayer for the hearts of couples/families everywhere who have felt the calling to help this cause.  

Today I thank my parents for listening to the Lord when He spoke... To leap into unknown waters and to love a little brown eyed girl who desperately needed a family. 

Today I look back and thank God for giving me not only a gift of family here ... but also of a Heavenly family in which I am called His daughter. 

Because of two people who had courage to change a life and faith to follow...

Today I am free.

Today I am humbled.

Today I am thankful.

Today I am loved. 


Friday, November 2, 2012


Well... it's been awhile! I feel like I just checked back in to life as I've been on a mental vaca for the past few weeks... All is well, no worries... momma was just sick:-( So here's a few pictures to update you on what we've been up too the last month or so...
 This boy of mine LOVES kisses:-)
 Freshly squeezed oj to help with the sickness...
 This little girl is just growing up so fast! She's now 3! Crazy!
 Like momma she loves rainboots!
 They just crack me up...
 Fall was WONDERFUL!
 Our dog has grown a bit too!
 Picking out bones for a large dog... you need to find large bones!
 L2's birthday party with friends... the kiddos dressed up and Mbaby was a gator (of course) and L2 was the "birthday Girl"
 Her favorite gift besides the pink and purple gator she got is her bow and arrows! Daddy is proud and she's got a good shot too! Watch out!
 And sometimes C and I get to go on dates:-D

Which can sometimes lead to:

Well... Growing our family:-D Ha!

Yep! We're expecting (1) baby! 

Hope you've enjoyed our update and as I start to feel better and more energized I'll blog some more:-)
Until then... Enjoy!
L1 and family

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby K

I had the most amazing opportunity to be part of a baby shower for a young girl and her sweet baby boy last night... it was a blessing and a night full of giving and cherishing life. Thank you God for babies!!! 
 Baby K (26 days old)
 Mommy K and her sweet little Baby L (1 week old)
 Getting ready to play a few games...
 Okay so I like making cupcakes... but this girl CAN MAKE SOME AWESOME cupcakes!!!
 aren't they adorable little monkey...
 Baby K with his nana
 Baby K with Momma B
 The group:-)
 The food:-)
 Nana, momma, me and L2 (which is behind the pop corn) Aunt S and the girlies:-)
 Um... yah this is nice!
We were all a little sleepy at the end but this little monkey just started to sink! hehe

We had such a wonderful time we hope to be apart of this awesome ministry more!

Enjoy your day!

L1 and family

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wow, where has time flown by! These last few weeks have been a doozy as Mgirl started school, the little kiddos are keeping me busy at home and pursuing a possible new adventure in our life... I feel the constant need to keep moving otherwise if I stop I may just go to sleep and hibernate all winter:-) ZZZzzz! SB is putting on a baby shower for a young girl in need of some support... I feel very blest and honored to be able to help put together some of the decorations... 
 A Sock monkey diaper cake! It was super fun to make and easier too with a few little surprise helpers who just so happened to arrive at my doorstep just as I was rollin' diapers;-) (thanks girlies!)
I thought it turned out quite charming:-)

 more yogurt cheese:-) this stuff is has the consistency of cream cheese and is very yummy!
 All the little chickadees :-)
 Oops! Forgot a few:-)
I found this absolutely adorable as I rounded the corner to pick up my kiddos from gma G's Mbaby in Daddy's old overalls:-) How CUTE!

MGirl Update:
As of last week we are official guardians... which seems like a huge step in a lot of ways and in some ways it doesn't seem like it was. I will say that we are very thankful to have Mgirl in our life and she continues to grow and surprise us everyday. Also a week ago tomorrow... MGIRL has expressed a strong desire to follow Christ and be baptized and to have the support of our church:-) We are filled with joy and can't express how grateful we are to the God who created us all... whether we've come from here or across the seas... or even as a neighbor who just needed love... God sees us for who we are and wants nothing more than to call us His own. It's a blessing to feel security, trust, joy, comfort, and unity. It's been pretty humbling to see not only an adoption of a new daughter but also a new daughter in Christ. WHAT a awesome thing to CELEBRATE!

Enjoy your day!

L1 and family

Thursday, August 30, 2012


So ... I have this really cool little cleaning fairy at my house:-)
 Mbaby's father... (ahem) wanted to buzz Mbabe's hair off:-(
 Yah, thanks what momma thinks to bud. 
(though now I have grown fond of it and like to rub his little noggin he now runs past me:-)
 Makin' yogurt cheese... it was SOOO GOOD!
 Mbaby is just a hoot... and along with his side kick L2... you're sure to have a blast watching them in action:-)
 I LOVE this pic... if a picture is the only way to describe this little stinker... this would definitely be the one. Hats and puppets, or oven mitts are his favorite thing to put on. 
 hmm... and as I sit here with both asleep for nap... what shall I do? what shall I do?

:-) Make it a great day!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Summer pics:-)

Here are some more summer pics to recap the last few weeks:-) We went berry picking one last time about a month ago... Mbaby sure LOVED it! I'm really glad I took him this time... he ate about all his weight in organic blueberries:-)
 Happy happy happy
 the missing blueberries:-)
 I have a bad memory. Forgive me if I've posted these before... but this is our FAVORITE "taco joint" as L2 calls it. It's a really neat... well Taco joint at the back of an old Mexican grocery store. the kids LOVE watching this little grandma make gorditas and they always enjoy "helping" too:-)
 L2 patting her "gordita"  Serious stuff.
 As the girls get older they both want to help more in the kitchen... which is fun for me since I feel like sometimes I live there:-) Mgirl is getting really good at deviled eggs:-)
 L2 helped assemble this little appetizer treat...
 A picture from helping Aunt S freeze corn...
 The Momma Canner at work processing goods for the pantry...
 A good friend enlightened me on a thing called "dilly beans" SO after trying hers I had to go home and buy 4 lbs of beans to do some of my own... yum!
 We were able to meet Gma G at the zoo on Monday along with our friend E and cousins C and R:-) (its a guessing game isn't it:-) We spent alot of time there and finally the gators are back! It's alittle different having them so close and in clear view!
 R and L2 aren't they cute!? this little boy is so adorable!
 Mom S gave C and I a date night.... Hm what to do with out the kiddos? Thanks Mom it was more fun than it looks in this picture;-)
 If anyone can... come on up for church lunch Sunday! These little beauts will be in abundance!
Today we met up with aunt S and Gma S at the park... what a WONDERFUL day to spend outside with family... and Mbaby sports his new do... a post summer buzz! 
We are so thankful to have had such a wonderful summer... now that school has started and summer is winding down... seems like before I know it it'll be thanksgiving! God bless your day!

L1 and family