Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Rockin' Ducky

Too cute! I found this at a restore for $8 and was pretty excited... L2 LOVES this little horse and can now rock on and on and on by herself... pretty cute!
Proud to be a cowgirl in the GREAT State of TX!
Singing the star spangled banner... okay maybe not... but singing something happy!
She's been trying to say... "YEEEHAWWW!" hahaha and almost has it down pat...
Have a blessed weekend!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summary of our trip:-)

Hello! Welcome to a post that is I think the longest one I've ever done! And because I am inept the pictures are backwards. We had such a wonderful time visiting family and friends... We definitely are blessed. As we have been back and forth the last year we have felt a strong calling to spend more time with family in the North region... God is working and as we continue to pray over this please pray with us.

Awww Ducky is glad to be home and back to work with Daddy:-)
Corn season! MMmm... what is this?
I can eat it!?
Here g-gma I'll help!
Love you gpa!
Waiting for the grown-ups to come out of church:-) Just hanging with the girlies... LOVE IT!
So my camera decides (on it's own of course) to do some funky coloring and lines through half my pictures... I think it looks cool, so let's pretend that I know how to photo-edit and did this on purpose:-)
I love my hubby SO much that I had a donut made specially for him! PB & J anyone? I forgot that Amish friends don't like their picture taken but this friendly chap was pretty cool and forgave my memory:-)
Awww.... my favorite people! What cute babes!
Swimming is a natural thing for ducks ... so it's only natural for our Ducky to love it too!
Too cute! Swimming with Gma S at the cousins house.
Gpa & Gma P needed some help working on their bedroom balcony... here C is just getting started...
Too cute! Big cousin Ike.... what a wonderful daddy he'll be!
the girls have gone crazy!
The biggest... okay maybe not the biggest but one of the coolest things that happened was that we went into a little town in IL with Gma & Gpa P to try to find some grub to eat... Pizza hut, McDonalds, DQ or this little ma&pa place... Ding Ding Ding! haha So as we were sitting out in the car for 5 minutes trying to decide whether or not we'd be regretting this venture we spied a familiar face in the window! This young (97yr old) lady lived on the farm in IL where C and his family grew up in their early years... Neila made the best turkey an mayo or bluegill sandwiches for the kiddos and always had a smile on her face... It was a pleasure meeting her again and to show her 4th generation P... with a little Korean thrown in there:-)
We loved seeing everyone and hope to see ya'll again soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our adventure up North....

We are back!! We have been blest to have been able to take off and head up North for almost 3wks! We spent the first part of our trip in IL with Gpa and Gma P. Love those two sooo much! In fact I think L2 did as well! Here are a few pics from our adventure...
L2 LOVED climbing all over grandma
don't know if you can see it but there's a cat up in that tree... nice going Lola lu!
this is such a sweet picture... I love the look on both their faces!
really a cool drive over the Mississippi River (yah remember learning how to spell that in grade school?)
a really neat shed... hmmm I think C's looking at this as a precedent for a new house design.

L2 and I goofing of in the truck as C is helping a lady push her truck across the gas station lot... What a sweet man I love him so much!
Bored, ducky? yah getting there...
Well, we'll have more pics when I download my pics from my camera soon! Lot's more fun to share:-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

We've got a climber!

Ahhh... we've been enjoying our stay and rockin' here at Grandma's is a blast ,but I must say... I am ready to return home... Here's a few pics of our lake... isn't it just screaming COME JUMP IN ... It's 90 some degrees!

(that is not me in the hat:-) it's some random lady who never knew she'd show up on my blog!)
I left the room a few weeks ago and guess ducky was wanting to come too!

Also while we were here one of our friends wanted a little model to show off her beautiful handmade bow and hair accessories... so if you jump over to you'll be able to see a few of the pictures from the shoot. I'll post more when we can:-)