Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remembering Malakai...

Today was not just an ordinary day for us... it was a day that we remembered our sweet son. He was born late morning 2yrs ago today... I can remember that morning like it was yesterday... the fear. the unknown. the peace. the joy. I thank God for my precious babies He has blest us with... each their own little person and each teaching me more about God's love and His wonderful gift called Grace.

Looking forward into the future was impossible that day... but with God ALL things are POSSIBLE! Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful husband and a daughter that brings a new kind of joy!
We love you sweet Malakai... we miss you and can't wait to hold you again!
Love ya'll,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More of the Trip up North...

E and G were all over L2 at the my Favorite Korea restaurant... it was super cute:-)
L2 with 1st cus once removed or something like that:-) haha J is such a natural... L2 just loved her!

2nd cousins! C was born 6 days before L2... what cuties! Can't wait till they're older and can play together:-)
L2 and Daddy...
What a strong little bug.... She just held it like it was nothing.... must get those muscles from her Daddy!
More to come shortly!
Love ya'll!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trip Up North

Well we are back!
And we had a blast seeing our family back home... I hope ya'll enjoy our new blog and know that I am going to be using nicknames throughout this for security reasons. I hope you enjoy the pics!
Gpa&Gma S. our first stop was actually a wonderful surprise!
L2 enjoying GRASS ... yea it comes in oodles up there!
L2 with her cousin M...
J is so sweet with L2 ... this is just one of multiple kisses!
My beloved Gpa K. L2 entertained him for a while... why do we have to get old? So sad.
Gma G... what a sweetheart! I love this woman SOOOO MUCH!
WHAT? A Modern home in amish country?? how cool!

L2 and I hopped out of the truck to get a quick view of the yearlings... it was FREEZING! But man is it beautiful up there... I love the diverse cultures in our country... It's what makes America... America! and may God bless it and may we continue to live to bless Him back!