Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whoa! Snow on November 5.... and a CHRISTmas parade last night!!! Let's just say that Caleb is officially starting the fires and Oak Ridge Boys music:-) We had a COLD awakening last night standing outside in what felt like -2 below... but I think I COULD be exaggerating:-) haha Let's just say I'm currently searching for a Eskimo coat:-)
Have a blessed day!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

L2 and I went to visit Gma G earlier this week ... our goal? To "help" gma bake her cinnamon rolls. We had a blast watching and learning with her and the smell that hit me when I walked in her home was SO HEAVENLY! I enjoy her so much and L2 had just as much fun as I did helping... here are a few pictures from our time there...
Orange zest icing.... MMMmmm!

Gymnastics in the Kitchen...
and letting it rise.... again...

Thanks Grandma! We love you so much! We've been enjoying the "rejects" from our day... I think C ate one whole pan the first day!


Monday, October 25, 2010


Our little Ducky!
Time has flown and we have had a blast this fall... God has blessed us so much we are so thankful. Gma G came to visit us for the weekend... We had so much fun with her and L2 loves her as much as I do and that is so precious to me...
M & D K got L2 a fun little aqua doodle thingy... brilliant invention! She LOVES it!
On Sunday afternoon we had a little get together with some friends and family to celebrate the first year of L2's Life...
Thought this pic was so precious
Pumpkin carving!!!!
Cake! Lemon cake with yoghurt and blue berry sauce... Mmmm
L2 loved the pumpkins...

Most of the kiddos...
I think she enjoyed her cake:-)
Gma S got L2 the cutest little baby doll... it's a little asian girl with pig tails... adorable! L2 loves her and points out her eyes, nose, mouth and ears... so sweet! Family is definitely a blessing ... a way God designed us to be able to get a glimpse of what unconditional love is and how love is really a verb and not just a feeling... What a wonderful weekend thanks to all who were there with us! L2 is now trying to repeat words you say... and it sounds really close! She loves to draw ( hmmm :-) and is growing unbelievably fast! Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing, I pray I can be a godly example and show her your love and power in all that we do and that she continues to her Your name being praised! Amen.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long time NO post!

Whoa.. it's been a bit of a whirlwind the last few weeks... Here we are at the park by the Zoo! Unfortunately my camera died right before the Zoo... big bummer. But enjoy the pics from the last few weeks!
L2 and her cousin "tater" They are a hoot together... best buds in the making:-)
One day we were over at the Gramm Garden and L2 and I had a blast picking the last of the garden... Yummy!
L2 with the Girlies
L2 eating a fresh tomato ..... Yummy!
L2 is growing so fast! It's hard to believe or admit that she is going to be a 1yr old next week! Along with her hair her personality is hilarious and we love everything about her! She has been trying to talk which is so fun, saying "Moooorrr" (more) and "babee" (baby) she loves them! she gets so excited and then points and says "babee"... it's so cute! She weighs 17.5 and I have no idea what her length is anymore:-) She also loves pushing things while walking behind them... I love this age!
Oh happy day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So okay... maybe I have a little time for a break in the madness:-)
Thought I'd share a few shots from L2's daily routine...
Helping with the dishes.
finding new places to read.
climbing in and out of things.
and standing and watching things outside. She's non-stop... I love this age! What a little nugget:-)

We have quite busy the last couple of weeks/days.... you could call it madness!
But in the madness we've been able to get together with some of our closest friends .... Here are a few pictures from the last week or so...
L2 & E are best buds... one picks her nose... the other offers their finger to help:-) Here they are after dinner...

awww kisses for everyone!
This picture is too cute... reminds me of one of those sappy cards you want to send to a friend you REALLY miss!
E with her daddy....
the 4 amigos and their offspring
OH my I think I've said this a hundred times before but this is my FAVORITE place to eat here in the great state... Mandola Winery... or something Lisna (italian)
So ducky has been helping mommy with some packing.... Hmmm maybe I'll munch on it, that'll be fun! haha

Enjoy your day!


Monday, September 13, 2010

L2 is almost 11mo old already! Time has flown by so fast.
Scary. Sad. Exciting.
Last night we had a BBQ at our friends house, it was a hoot. C came into the house and said "hey babe... L2 knows how to ride a bike now..." What? So I went outside and watched my little nugget sitting on a bicycle perched on the seat like a little birdie on a twig... riding like there was nothing to it.. Without hands! haha her balance is quite impressive, she can now ride a bicycle and get out of her crib, say "daddee", sign "more" and say "utt oh" when she drops something... stick out her tongue each time I say "uck or yucky" even if it's referring to something else besides what gross thing she just put in her mouth and enjoys going potty on the toilet, oh boy.
Like I said time is flying by and soon my little baby girl will be a 1yr old:-(
Scary. Sad. Exciting.

With enough said I'll leave ya'll with a few pictures from our weekend...

L2 with another little girl from church.. too cute!

These to are best buds...

C took her on a big loop around and i think she would have keep going...

Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

L2 is quite the little girl... she continues to bring joy in our lives and as her personality continues to shine... she brings lots of laughter to our home...
Here are a few pictures of what L2 has been up to lately...
Poor people... L2's favorite face to give, as of late, to those she doesn't really know but likes... Poor PapaS... this is what he got often while we were up there and as the time progressed... if we even mentioned his name she'd make this face. :-( What do you do? LOL I mean you can't laugh in front of her and now I think she does it out of love... because I often get this face followed by a smile and hug... Hmmm?
Doesn't she look old? She's now 10 1/2 mo old! What a little nugget!
Her giggles ... it's like if sunsets had a sound and you could touch the clouds...
We are so thankful to God every time we think, see or touch her!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few of my Favorite things...

I thought since I have been absent in the last few weeks I would share a few random but favorite things as of late...

A sleeping baby....
My wagamama cushion .... oh so soft!
The smile on their faces when they are together... it's so precious I often cry.
Eating GELATO in the middle of Hill Country with friends....
And baby legs... and cloth diapers... the combo is TOO cute!
Oh yah... those thighs!
Make it a great day !


Thursday, August 19, 2010

In a memory filled with love, hugs and smiles... I will miss you...

I will miss your soft hands, teddy bear hugs, cute smiles, your laugh, and the days I was blessed to spend with you.

May you rest in Heavenly peace and I will see you again in our Father's Glory!

Love you Grandpa 1921-2010

Sweet memories....