Thursday, August 30, 2012


So ... I have this really cool little cleaning fairy at my house:-)
 Mbaby's father... (ahem) wanted to buzz Mbabe's hair off:-(
 Yah, thanks what momma thinks to bud. 
(though now I have grown fond of it and like to rub his little noggin he now runs past me:-)
 Makin' yogurt cheese... it was SOOO GOOD!
 Mbaby is just a hoot... and along with his side kick L2... you're sure to have a blast watching them in action:-)
 I LOVE this pic... if a picture is the only way to describe this little stinker... this would definitely be the one. Hats and puppets, or oven mitts are his favorite thing to put on. 
 hmm... and as I sit here with both asleep for nap... what shall I do? what shall I do?

:-) Make it a great day!


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  1. That yogurt cheese project looks really cool! =) Our boys are buzzed for the summer too-except for the two younger ones. They look like little army boys (might explain why the dads always grab the trimmer ;) I hope you had a wonderful quiet moment with those two mugs as company. ;)