Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby K

I had the most amazing opportunity to be part of a baby shower for a young girl and her sweet baby boy last night... it was a blessing and a night full of giving and cherishing life. Thank you God for babies!!! 
 Baby K (26 days old)
 Mommy K and her sweet little Baby L (1 week old)
 Getting ready to play a few games...
 Okay so I like making cupcakes... but this girl CAN MAKE SOME AWESOME cupcakes!!!
 aren't they adorable little monkey...
 Baby K with his nana
 Baby K with Momma B
 The group:-)
 The food:-)
 Nana, momma, me and L2 (which is behind the pop corn) Aunt S and the girlies:-)
 Um... yah this is nice!
We were all a little sleepy at the end but this little monkey just started to sink! hehe

We had such a wonderful time we hope to be apart of this awesome ministry more!

Enjoy your day!

L1 and family

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