Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Reflections

This is a likely scene from Lola and L2's day... lot's of kisses... if they aren't together L2 quickly crawls toward Lola and the kisses BEGIN!
The last night C and I were making dinner ( cheese toasties MMMmmm! Hey it was a long day with my kiddos at the famous CHUCKEE CHEESE"S... I was so overstimulated I was jittery all night! Let's just say that L2 will probably never step foot there again ... ) Anywho onto my post... We caught L2 kissing her reflection on the fridge... it was too cute not to share with ya'll!
Wow... more kisses for baby!
Awww too cute...
Can't wait to see our friends and family soon! Counting it down!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wow... times flown! What have we been up to lately? Well C just got back from a week away:-( in H-ville working on a Sip Panel roof project...
The man in overalls is Earl... how cute!
C said it felt like they were working on Noah's ark:-)
We have been enjoying the SUN and HOT weather! L2 has been army crawling all around the last few weeks (at her 7 1/2 month mark) waving hi/bye and saying "hiii dadade" and teething some more! YAY Ducky! She's in the 40th percentile for weight and 80th for height... a perfect little bundle of joy!
Loving time in our little pool with "Dadadeee"
YAY for summer!


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Tire Shoppe

New little car needed a new little upgrade.... okay not so LITTLE! 4 new tires! Oh well... I think the old tires were put on in '02!

Okay daddy... how long is this gonna take?
Let's have some fun.... PEEK-A-BOO!

Reading about car maintenance and safety... yeah we do things alittle early around here:-)
Checking out the tire dude selling mommy and daddy new tires....
Yep... I think this one will do!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whoa treated like Royalty!

Just a few more pics of our weekend... Now can you guess why we love going over to the Edgits ?
gotta have some wine...
and classical music on a baby grand...
which we all enjoy!
and this... little princess is quite pleased to have such loving servants who are willing to do ANYTHING for her... what a hard life!
Coming soon the adventure at the Tire shoppe!!!

Houston we're ready for take off!

Memorial Day with the Edgits:-) (a loving nickname mind you:-)
We had a blast... alot of firsts for L2:-) Whom is about ready to crawl... just got to get a good push off and I'm sure she'll never stop... so I'm trying not to be too pushy.
On the TRAIN!!! YAY L2's first train ride:-)
L2 loves to give kisses now... but only when she wants too... so here's L2's first kiss to mommy on camera! YAY!
This isn't the first time I've said this but... ISN"T SHE TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!
L2's first Imaxx... which she slept through the whole thing... go figure must take after mommy:-) Though I did enjoy this one it was the Hubbel Imaxx. YAY!
Awww.... She's getting to big too fast! Flipping through her book as we head home from an excellent adventure!

God bless!