Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby!

I remember when you were born... and the world seemed to stop. 
My love grew and hasn't been able to stop.
Happy birthday my little bug... You are the most incredible little boy and daddy and I are strapping on our seat belts  because your life is going to be quite the ride! I pray that it's filled with many adventures that will grow you as a person and closer to God. 
Just days a few days old...

 1 year old! 
My how much can change in a year!
 Early morning homemade cinnamon roll:-)

 Was doing a little dance the whole time I think he was very happy:-)

We love you my sweet baby boy!

Mommy and Daddy and Sister

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What a wonderful couple of days with family at the cottage in MI! 

What a blessing!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

mommy time

So while my littlest nugget sleeps... my little girl and I get to have mommy time. LOVE! Here are a few pictures from our day. I am so thankful for this little girl!

I just love rainy days!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blueberry FEVER

Life has been a bit chaotic in our household as of late. This summer feels as though it is FLYING by and as soon as I catch my breath off we go again on more amazing family adventures. I absolutely LOVE it! Now that we have strawberry season kinda past... we moved into blueberry season and where we live it has PLENTY of blueberries all around! So today we went picking at a local organic ranch and I absolutely FELL in love! Here are a few pictures from our day... A little out of order but you'll get the gist of it:-) We plan to go again later this month.

 Made yummy blueberry jam that does not need added pectin... it is SOOO delicious we've been eating it with sweet corn muffins! MMMMmmm! Have I ever mentioned how much I love food?
 Mbaby... my helper:-D
 L2, Mgirl and I started off with 3 buckets....
 Though this face doesn't show it... she absolutely LOVED eating, I mean picking blueberries!

 She was such a wonderful help! She was showing me that this one was ready and that the green and pink ones were not.... though she would have rather picked all the pink ones... does that surprise anyone? haha
 Aunt S and the girlies join in the fun as did gma G
 hard at work going from tree to tree
 Mgirl and I collected about the same amount
 L2 would have if they would have made it to the bucket and not her tummy:-)
 The girlies... I love this picture. I don't know why but they just look happy, don't they? Between Mgirl, L2 and myself we picked over 14 1/2lbs of berries!
 Lunch at an AWESOME restaurant near by
Mbaby enjoying the fruit of our labor:-D 

I hope you've enjoyed your day! I know I have!

L1 and family


This past week we were very blessed to spend it with family... from near to far. It was a HOT week at the lakes but it was a blast. Here are a few pictures.
 In love with this little gift of skittles...
 LOVE this woman! I think I've said that before but it's as true now as ever:-)

 Napping after a long day in the sun...
 4 generation picture...
 I think we've made a new life long friend....
 Trying to eat the owl... love it.
 What a HAM!
 I love this picture because it's a glimpse of life with our kiddos... C playing with Mbaby in the background and L2 and I walking from feeding the ducks.... 
 Family picture at the Frog
 Again... what a HAM!
 L2 has really been such a AWESOME big sister... here she's keeping Mbaby entertained and fed at the same time by sharing her lunch.

 SO sweet.

 Building houses in the evenings...
 Tubing with daddy and the cousins! She did Great!
 Mbaby trying on his cousins hats...
and then the grandparents with the grandkiddos... what a wonderful week filled with many memories.

Off to enjoy some blueberry picking... Enjoy your day!