Monday, August 15, 2011

An amazing Big sister!
L2 is loving our little man and will read to him, sing to him, cuddle him, hold him, kiss him and etc etc! She is such a help to mommy and informs mommy when it's time for "mommy/daddy hold it"... if he makes a peep.

This is pretty routine at our house... L2 wakes up from her nap and wants to snuggle baby M. So sweet! Every time I look at these two I am overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness and Praise God everyday for His continued faithfulness!


Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm a BIG sister now! We are SOOO happy!
2 days before we had our little boy ... we went to the 4-H fair for the morning... it was nice to know I wasn't the biggest thing moving around there:-) These horses are insanely HUGE!
L2 loved the petting zoo... a baby miniature pony.
First things first... we had to see baby's "ears".... Everyone who knows us really well knows that L2 LOVES ears! She is loving baby and is adjusting quite well... the first night was hard... but baby and L2 are getting back into a groove ... hoping for smooth sailing from here on out:-)
Micaiah James 7.27.11
8lbs 4oz. and 21inches long

I have to say... this labor and delivery was insanely a breeze! went for a 40wk doc appt. and an hour (10am) before I thought, man these contractions are getting pretty tight... should probably have someone drive me just in case this is "real" labor. So C's mom drives me and L2 up to the appt. I wait in the waiting room for 1/2 hr because my midwife was delivering another babe... Girls in background can't believe I can sleep sitting up and guessing it's a boy by how I was carrying. Finally get into the back and tell the nurse I'm almost positive I'm in "early" labor. Was brushed off alittle because I wasn't really consistent in the timing and I was still cheerful and happy. Meet midwife at 11:45am Hoping to discuss being induce somehow in the next few days and hoping to have made some progress to at least a 4cm... She checks... her reaction "WHOA you're a whopping 7-8cm with head right there ...!" So needless to say I did make some progress:-D Still not sure what was going to happen they ship me off to the LBD ward and get me registered all the while my mom-in-law is calling C to get his behind up here because there's a baby on it's way SOON! I still couldn't believe what was happening because I wasn't in pain and felt like I've felt every other day... So still hoping to have this baby that day the nurses settled me into a room finally around 1pm and I'm still thinking... "this is crazy". After changing they broke my water @ about 2pm... climb into a nice warm bath and things start heating up a hair more... and literally... I feel as though I blinked and he was here in my arms @ 2:30pm!
God is so good! we are doing well and healthy and hoping to get used to a new normal:-)

Thabks for all the prayers! God bless your day!

L1 and family