Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday

Today I say a special prayer for the children who have been left behind... who do not have someone in their life they can call Mommy or daddy. No matter the circumstances that have brought them to this point I pray for comfort and healing... I say a prayer for the hearts of couples/families everywhere who have felt the calling to help this cause.  

Today I thank my parents for listening to the Lord when He spoke... To leap into unknown waters and to love a little brown eyed girl who desperately needed a family. 

Today I look back and thank God for giving me not only a gift of family here ... but also of a Heavenly family in which I am called His daughter. 

Because of two people who had courage to change a life and faith to follow...

Today I am free.

Today I am humbled.

Today I am thankful.

Today I am loved. 


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