Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Summer pics:-)

Here are some more summer pics to recap the last few weeks:-) We went berry picking one last time about a month ago... Mbaby sure LOVED it! I'm really glad I took him this time... he ate about all his weight in organic blueberries:-)
 Happy happy happy
 the missing blueberries:-)
 I have a bad memory. Forgive me if I've posted these before... but this is our FAVORITE "taco joint" as L2 calls it. It's a really neat... well Taco joint at the back of an old Mexican grocery store. the kids LOVE watching this little grandma make gorditas and they always enjoy "helping" too:-)
 L2 patting her "gordita"  Serious stuff.
 As the girls get older they both want to help more in the kitchen... which is fun for me since I feel like sometimes I live there:-) Mgirl is getting really good at deviled eggs:-)
 L2 helped assemble this little appetizer treat...
 A picture from helping Aunt S freeze corn...
 The Momma Canner at work processing goods for the pantry...
 A good friend enlightened me on a thing called "dilly beans" SO after trying hers I had to go home and buy 4 lbs of beans to do some of my own... yum!
 We were able to meet Gma G at the zoo on Monday along with our friend E and cousins C and R:-) (its a guessing game isn't it:-) We spent alot of time there and finally the gators are back! It's alittle different having them so close and in clear view!
 R and L2 aren't they cute!? this little boy is so adorable!
 Mom S gave C and I a date night.... Hm what to do with out the kiddos? Thanks Mom it was more fun than it looks in this picture;-)
 If anyone can... come on up for church lunch Sunday! These little beauts will be in abundance!
Today we met up with aunt S and Gma S at the park... what a WONDERFUL day to spend outside with family... and Mbaby sports his new do... a post summer buzz! 
We are so thankful to have had such a wonderful summer... now that school has started and summer is winding down... seems like before I know it it'll be thanksgiving! God bless your day!

L1 and family

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  1. The date night picture made my day...heeeheeeheee I got this picture in my head of you guys thirty years from now. Pretty sure you won't look that different. ;) ;)