Thursday, April 26, 2012

 A few pictures from TX... Forgive me if I've posted a few repeats but these are cherished memories...

Little L man... with Papa. 
 A and E with baby S... how sweet is she???

 Makin' gumbo... not just any gumbo but Duck, sausage, and chicken Gumbo! Thanks Z the Duck you got was awesome... the okra on the other hand... probably would rather eat lint then okra:-) but it was rather tasty and the flavor was grand!

 My little Senorita and Senor

 Mbaby looks so big compared to this little babe... time does grow on...
 SUCH sweet memories... My mom has a HUGE GREEN THUMB... in a gardening sense that is:-) While we were there she showed L2 and I all the sweet new seedlings and such. It was so sweet to see these too picking and smelling all the fresh new things.

 It was so cute... Mom was talking about how she had "baby" blackberries in her garden... L2 later said something about Mommy and Daddy being out there too... we were alittle confused at first but then realized that "baby" blackberries don't just grow do they? They have Mommies and Daddies... (or seedlings rather)out there with them too.  it was so funny.
 It was so fun to see our good friend or Papa B... We went to lunch and then the AWESOME RT Antique show... 

 There's just something about these TX wildflowers that just remind me of what it must be like in Heaven... I seriously could lay in them and dream forever... 
But I don't. Snakes and Fire Ants... Nope... not gonna risk it:-)
 L2 felt the same... haha

My sista Sister! This is Tia S... she is my beloved. I am so thankful for her friendship and could not have imagined my life down in TX without her. She is like my kindred spirit and I miss her. She even likes the Oak Ridge boys which C thinks is the greatest! haha

Thanks for reminiscing our trip with me and God bless your weekend! 
Oh... if ya'll read this on Friday... wish S.Gramm. Happy birthday!
 Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you... Happy Birthday DEAR S Happy birthday to you!!! 

L1 and Family!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Warrior

Our little Warrior man...
Rescue mission?: Saving his hungry damsel in distress:-)
Bare with me as you may get motion sickness but it's pretty cute of Mbaby toting around his sword:-) 


Monday, April 23, 2012

Been kinda busy as of late... But it's a good thing. 
Just an update on our family: M2 is living with us and has been a blessing... things are working out really well... Her family needs our prayers and we still appreciate them too!
 Indiana Sweet corn= 1 word: YUM.
 Having fun watching M2 at her track meets:-)
 A new love of my life: TOMS 
We all got a pair when we were in TX which means that a whole family in a 3rd world country also received much needed shoes with TOMS One for One program... 
I love things with a purpose!
L2 followed me around the other day asking for me to make some Almond butter... how can you say no to that? haha So sweet and even sweeter with Raw Honey on warm Homemade focaccia. Making some wonderful Spring day memories:-)Hope you are too! 

Much Love,
L1 and Family

Monday, April 16, 2012

First Catering Gig

O I can breathe again! This past week/weekend was a biggy! I got to cater my first "real" gig... a wedding of about 150ish which doesn't seem that scary but for a wedding... it kinda makes you feel like things should be perfect! I had GREAT... no I had AMAZING help throughout the week to prepare... S and the girlies helped wash and trim 30 lbs of asparagus! and J & B came over to help clean and grill 60 lbs of Chicken!
B love ya girl! Thanks SOOOOO much!
The boys did a great job grillin' and slicin' the chicken
My little helper throughout the week! She helped me clean 50 lbs of red potatoes and especially LOVED the fact that it had a gator on the box:-D
Hungry Groomsmen...
Groomsmen and the adorable flower girl!
my little bean eating some grapes and takin' a break
Kitchen CHAOS! haha I felt like the majority of the event was like that out of the show Mission impossible! by food network. We had ALOT we had to improvise with but that's where I feel like I am always up for a challenge:-D
Grilled chicken with tortillas and salsa/bbq
Cold veggies with garlic aioli and hummus
Fruit with multiple cheeses including brie
A pie buffet and of course ala' mode
I was pretty happy how the decor came together...

at the last minute I couldn't stand that 5 gallon bucket full of flowers to be wasted so I started looking for burlap... on groomsmen said " BURLAP where ya gonna find that!" Well with a smile to charm the janitor ... L1 found her burlap:-D and some random fabric to tie it with...
We had 9 flavors of PIE!!! YUM and a HUGE thanks to the ladies that volunteered to bring them! All 20 of them!
How adorable! I love the fact that these little men only had a handful of grapes and pie for dinner! SO cute!

To the happy couple, CONGRATULATIONS! We are so happy for ya'll and pray many blessings on your journey to a far off country... may your work glorify the Lord and as you grow closer to God may you grow closer together and hang on to each other forever! God bless! It was a pleasure to be a part of such a special day! Thank you.

Just a plug in... I am open to doing this more often:-D


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Recap

Easter weekend was a new one for us... a time to reflect and renew... and for some a new beginning takes on a whole new meaning... here is a picture of our current family... anything new? Meet our newest family addition... M2 our new God daughter. We've been praying about this for over a year now and the opportunity to fully mentor her on a more permanent basis (meaning live with us) kinda fell on our lap... but we are thankful and know that God is guiding our footsteps in this new journey as we will be "parenting" her these next few months and or years.
( I am going to try to post a better picture of her because this just doesn't do justice...)
C being.... well C.
My boys... Can you say Handsome?
Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday dear K happy birthday too you! Love you little K... Love this pic of her and her new found treats!
Easter egg hunt... L2 helping K find her eggs... so sweet:-)
There is just something magical about little girlies and the wind blowing through their hair holding baskets of goodies...
We thank God for sending us His Son... because of that we have a hope of a future... that no matter our circumstances here... we have a Father who can wash away our pain and sorrow and breathe new life into what seems to be a lost life... Thank you Jesus for what you've done and continue to do in our lives... for this I am forever grateful!
L1 and Family

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Loving Instagram!
What a resourceful daddy! haha Love the ear muffs!
Man o man... what a crazy week it's been! Some moments I think man... it's only Wednesday... other moments I am panicking that it's WEDNESDAY! haha O boy. I have so much to update ya'll here on the good ole' blog... but not enough time... I will share some with you hopefully next post. Until then... Enjoy the beautiful weather!

L1 and Family