Sunday, May 27, 2012

Romans 10:15 "... How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace..."
If you would have asked me on this day 4 yrs ago where I thought I would be in 5 yrs.... I would never have guessed that I would be a blessed momma of 3 beautiful children... Though I cannot hold my sweet sweet baby boy... He is as every part of me as L2 and Mbaby. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and long to kiss his sweet little cheek... I dream of the day I will be reunited with him in Glory and all I can do is continue to Praise God for sending Jesus Christ that through Him I am given that gift of hope and peace. 

In memory of our sweet baby Malakai Joseph...
L1 and Family

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watching the daddy working on our house...
 These two are like peas in a pod.

Came around the corner tonight and saw this... how sweet. 
I praise God that things are going well with our current family situation and the changes we are seeing in M are absolutely God doing. We still have a long ways to go and appreciate prayers still. Summer school will be in the mix this summer so we pray that all goes well with that and that we ALL aren't totally frustrated and overwhelmed with the homework:-/ Just rode our bikes a few blocks to the library and I am totally OUT of breath... maybe exercising will be in there somewhere too:-P hehe

God bless your day!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Bunny

We found a baby bunny today... It was a neat adventure added to our day... we got to hold it, feed it, and care for it... all things little mommys like to do...
 She looks so old....
MBaby not quite sure what it is.... Toy or Real?
Peering into our little nest box...

Did some research and did release our little buddy into the wild again... hoping it finds it's momma again.... we enjoyed our little gal or guy for a little while at least:)

Enjoy your Summer days!

L1 and Family

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mbaby often is scene crawling out of his pants...  and looses them somehow. 
Here L2 is trying on his lost pants...
 Mbaby charging back for lost pants...
 Trying really hard to distract his sister so he can get them back...
 Maybe I'll tell her what I'm thinking...
 Or we can just giggle...
 Awww... who needs pants anyways, huh? hehe
Yes... it is a purple diaper on my son... but when I specifically ordered my "gender neutral" packs 2 diapers came purple... Poor boy... he'll never know... if he keeps his pants on!

Enjoy your day!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Proud Mama

The journey to motherhood was not easy... many heartaches mixed with many smiles... God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with my children. I still say that I am a proud mama of 3 ... one already resides with Jesus... and though this month is a hard month for me... I cherish that thought and cherish the moments I have with my beloved two kiddos here with me. I am honored today to be called a "mommy" and I thank God everyday if not every moment.... to hear those sweet sweet words from the mouthes of my babes. 
Mbaby "helping" mama clean

What a goober... how can you be upset when that face is staring back at you?
L2 having a blast at the zoo... She looks so grown up! (will be posting more pics later)

I know I said I'd do a blog giveaway... my intentions were there and I had it ready... but a greater need came and I choose to "Give it away" to someone who really needed it. Hope ya'll understand!

Make it a great day!


Friday, May 11, 2012

9 Happy years

So thankful and happy to celebrate 9 wonderful years of being this man's wife!
 I thank God for giving us these past 9 years and I look forward to a lifetime of making many more memories standing right by this man of mine! 

Enjoy your weekend!

L1 and family

Monday, May 7, 2012


Life lately has been full of unexpected things... some good... some not so good... but through it all I am reminded of just how GOOD God is and for that I am grateful! 
 Life as a track "mom" 
 Gotta come prepared! with toys and drinks:-)
Look at her go! She rocks at the 200! (yah... she's the one smokin' 'em!)

 We had a WONDERFUL time in Bluffton this past weekend... visiting Gma G is by far my favorite thing in the world! I am so thankful that our kiddos adore her just as much as I do. We got a little silly after dinner on Saturday... but hey... we needed just a night! Thanks Gma G for all that you do... you are precious to us and I am thankful for you! (Thanks for the giggle juice you must have slipped into those root "beer" floats! haha
 Playing Farkle has been a favorite past time of ours... opens the floor for a fun night but also leaves room for good discussions.

 FINALLY a better "family" photo!
What a beautiful weekend! Loved making memories and seeing God at work... can't get much better than that! Enjoy your day!

L1 and Family

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A picture of our little Mbaby's first go on the potty! Good job buddy!
 Why stop there when you can also teach 'em how to ride a horse too! YEEEHAW! That's how we do it around here:-)
 Miss little Mommy feeding her baby.... 
 Put some on the spoon...
 In the bowl...
 In the mouth...
 Ooops! baby fell over!
 Ah... that's better... back to feeding.
 Isn't it yummy?
 Little baby nice and full. 
FINALLY! we are starting the remodel on the outside of our house!!!! YAY! Will post pictures when it's finish to show before , during and after photos. It gets worse just before it gets better.... right? RIGHT????????
God bless your day!

L1 and Family

Stay tuned for a Blog Mother's day giveaway ... a few of my favorite things in it! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Recap:

 We had the pleasure of seeing the girlies in their end of year program... made chocolate candies and cake for aunt S's birthday... and Ate those said chocolates and cake:-)  

 Fetch! haha Mr. Mbaby loves to chew on shoes... I feel like I'm training a pup:-) He even went potty on the toilet twice the other day! Yay!!! Got get 'em started early just like sister...
 Speaking of sister... she is growing so fast. AND loves to help in the kitchen... Hmmm I wonder why? Evidence is below:
 Peppermint patties
 Almond butter cups (like reeses)
 Having much fun? 
 Oh yah!

Made a triple layer Devil's food cake with a dark chocolate glaze between layers and a buttercream frosting! YUM! Made the bird nest out of white chocolate and put toasted coconut in as "bedding". So much fun!

Little Mbaby playing with birthday girl and the balloons... I like this because they both were having so much fun! 
Love ya aunt S... hope you had a great birthday!!!

L1 and family