Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We had a wonderful weekend visiting friends and family... it was a much needed weekend away:-)
And for the record this woman that I am blessed to call my grandma goes beyond what the definition of grandma is... Her love and dedication to her family is a real testimony and We love her SOOOO much! I am so thankful that my kids are able to enjoy her in a way that I remember enjoying "grandma's house".
 Mbaby having his first organ lesson from the man himself:-)
 Monday morning L2 and I got a morning date together and was able to get a listen to the baby's heartbeat and enjoyed lunch at Chipotle:-) 
 Today we made homemade play dough L2 here was explaining her delicious creation... "banana chocolate chip cookies with raspberry french potatoes.." Mmm! Sounds.... interesting there ducky!
 Mbaby used his portion to make very boy-like creations such as a phone and a "footbaw" (football) very important items to have on hand:-)
 L2's latest creation was "Free" butter ... say what? " yah mom u can have it cause it's Gluten free butter" Aww... thanks for thinking of me ducky! So sweet!
How is your Monday going?

 L1 and Family!

For the record... I don't have alot of pictures of Mgirl... growing up half her life in the Amish culture she hates her picture taken! So it's not because I don't want to post her it's that I try to respect her wishes... But I'll tell ya... if I do get to sneak a few in. I'll be posting a few:-) hehe
She LOVED our trip to B-Town and hopes to make many more trips and hang out with their youth group... She felt encouraged ... and that's the most important thing for us! She also finished out her first trimester at school with B's!!! WAHOOO! and a 3.0 GPA average for that session! All the stress and prodding has paid off:-) We are very proud parents:-) And to see her continue to blossom into a wonderful, joyful young lady just proves that God is working and real... He can take the most broken and put together a masterpiece of beauty beyond words... Praise God!

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  1. It was wonderful seeing you guys and meeting Mgirl - what a sweet person! Keep it up!