Thursday, August 30, 2012


So ... I have this really cool little cleaning fairy at my house:-)
 Mbaby's father... (ahem) wanted to buzz Mbabe's hair off:-(
 Yah, thanks what momma thinks to bud. 
(though now I have grown fond of it and like to rub his little noggin he now runs past me:-)
 Makin' yogurt cheese... it was SOOO GOOD!
 Mbaby is just a hoot... and along with his side kick L2... you're sure to have a blast watching them in action:-)
 I LOVE this pic... if a picture is the only way to describe this little stinker... this would definitely be the one. Hats and puppets, or oven mitts are his favorite thing to put on. 
 hmm... and as I sit here with both asleep for nap... what shall I do? what shall I do?

:-) Make it a great day!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Summer pics:-)

Here are some more summer pics to recap the last few weeks:-) We went berry picking one last time about a month ago... Mbaby sure LOVED it! I'm really glad I took him this time... he ate about all his weight in organic blueberries:-)
 Happy happy happy
 the missing blueberries:-)
 I have a bad memory. Forgive me if I've posted these before... but this is our FAVORITE "taco joint" as L2 calls it. It's a really neat... well Taco joint at the back of an old Mexican grocery store. the kids LOVE watching this little grandma make gorditas and they always enjoy "helping" too:-)
 L2 patting her "gordita"  Serious stuff.
 As the girls get older they both want to help more in the kitchen... which is fun for me since I feel like sometimes I live there:-) Mgirl is getting really good at deviled eggs:-)
 L2 helped assemble this little appetizer treat...
 A picture from helping Aunt S freeze corn...
 The Momma Canner at work processing goods for the pantry...
 A good friend enlightened me on a thing called "dilly beans" SO after trying hers I had to go home and buy 4 lbs of beans to do some of my own... yum!
 We were able to meet Gma G at the zoo on Monday along with our friend E and cousins C and R:-) (its a guessing game isn't it:-) We spent alot of time there and finally the gators are back! It's alittle different having them so close and in clear view!
 R and L2 aren't they cute!? this little boy is so adorable!
 Mom S gave C and I a date night.... Hm what to do with out the kiddos? Thanks Mom it was more fun than it looks in this picture;-)
 If anyone can... come on up for church lunch Sunday! These little beauts will be in abundance!
Today we met up with aunt S and Gma S at the park... what a WONDERFUL day to spend outside with family... and Mbaby sports his new do... a post summer buzz! 
We are so thankful to have had such a wonderful summer... now that school has started and summer is winding down... seems like before I know it it'll be thanksgiving! God bless your day!

L1 and family

Monday, August 20, 2012

Late Summer happenings

These two are such buds... L2 is the best big sister and LOVES to play with Mbaby. It's a joy to watch the two of them use their imagination and create a simple thing into a fun adventure. 
 Take for instance... a trike let's make it a doubles...

 At the splash pad with friends and cousins... SO cute the kiddos singing bible songs chillin' in the sun.
 I must say that as of the last few days Mbaby is WALKING! Yay! and standing up without support... what a little man!
 It's that time of year... shucking corn and freezing it... Mmmm!
 Like I said... what a little man:-)
 Why not get the WHOLE family involved in mommy's whim of a project! hehe L2 bagging the clean corn to take inside, Mbaby making sure we don't lose the dog collar, The dog Mozzy sniffing it all to make sure it's fresh while sneaking a few kisses to l2's cheek, mommy shucking, and where's daddy you ask? Hmmm... telling mommy she's crazy! :-)
 Oh what have we here? a new adventure, back seat riding:-) L2 LOVES to sing and anyone who knows her well knows that... here she's singing some bible school song while speedily darting to a fro with mr. Mbaby hanging on for the ride! 
 Yep. I did it. C let me buy a Pressure CANNER!!! And I've been using it ALOT! Peaches, zucchini relish, chicken, dilly beans and lot's more to do!
 My little helper:-)
 Canned chicken. Brillant!
 HILARIOUS! is a word to describe this boy and this tool of mine. the combo together make a series of pictures to laugh and aww at. Trying to entertain my little nugget while getting ready... who knew he was pretty close to the purpose of this little contraption:-) 

 On of my fav dishes this summer... randomly threw together roasted red potatoes with some fresh homemade pesto and extra parm.... and WALA! Pesto Potato Salad! YUM!
Here's a pic of our remodel.... can't remember if I posted this before but it's coming along... C did a great job and I just found out that around town I am known as the little asian lady who lives in the cool new house on the corner of ? and ?.... Hmmm little asian lady... chuckle chuckle:-)

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

L1 and Family

Monday, August 6, 2012

BEware! Picture overload!

We had a birthday party for Mbaby a week or so ago and with a few of our loved ones... and the MOST gorgeous weather ever, we had a blast! 

 These 2 pictures are the BEST! Gma G is FAMOUS for her delicious coffee cakes. She's made them for as long as I can remember and EVERYONE just goes nuts when they see 'em! She surprised us with 2 and here L2 is feeding gma a bite and enjoying a bite herself. I love it it just means so much to see the joy of L2 eating a piece with the creator of the goodness:-)

 My 2 studs:-)

 These are out of order a bit but we went to the rodeo at the state fair and Mbaby just LOVED the action!
 This little girl on the horse was just 9yrs old!
 L2 alittle nervous and hot:(
 Love these two!
 and these two:-)
 as we were leaving we saw that this momma just had her calf 20 minutes before Mbaby's official birthday! How cool!
 Back to the party:-) birthday boy balloons.
 Mbaby enjoying some food with Gma
 Always gotta have food:-)
 Some friends that came:-) 
 and cousins:-)
 Mbaby LOVED his banana muffin with a chocolate glaze. I mean HE loved it!
 Chocolate kisses...

 Pure joy.
  Messy Mess!
 Aww... a clean and tired birthday boy! 
It was a day filled with lots of joy and laughter and just celebrating life with those close to us! It meant so much that ya'll could be with us! Thanks and God bless!

L1 and Family