Thursday, January 20, 2011

Remember this?

Remember this little bug... Aww so little and fragile... miss those days...

OOOOO! We get to do it again... YAY! Praise God!

Another Baby Schafer due July/2011!!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Play Or work?

Do you ever wander who it is you're talking to or what they look like when you call a business or company? I often times try to imagine the person I'm speaking with and what they might be doing... I don't think that's weird is it? Anyways... if you call Schafer-Ilustration... you might imagine my husband in an office in a button up and khakis and a paper weight on his desk... well that just isn't the case MOST times you catch him...

Popping off poor rodents and then answering the phone "hello this is C ... how can I help you??" O my... haha never know what we might catch him doing next time!

Do you see the poor thing towards the fence post? I didn't realize it was there until he got off the phone and said....
"hey babe... check this out!" O how I love my sweet darling dear.

Well here are a few pictures from the last few weeks... Tearing wall paper turned out to be one of L2's favorite things to help with!
The Kitchen is near complete... it had old dingy oak cabinets and PEACH countertops! Yah... PEACH! hello... we weren't gonna stand for that:-) Plus the previous owners took all the appliances so that meant... new ones for me:-) The countertops are now pewter and cabinets have been painted an blue hue.... i think that the white appliances help brighten up the space:-) Not my dream kitchen but it'll do for now!
Hard at work....

credit has to go to my hubby... he spent much time sanding and learning his paint sprayer and finished it in a few days:-) I love the new sink and faucet too! I'll try to post more soon... super exciting!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a MAD house!


That's all I can say for the last few months of our adventure here in the FROZEN tundra called the midwest. We're currently ripping, stripping and trying to nail or paint our house back together again. We are very excited for this new chapter and appreciate our family so much! What a great support and help they have been. C got a new computer and we haven't the time to download any pictures yet.... But soon I will have an update with color pictures... yay! L2 is a nut... she is getting so big and walking/running around and away from us... oh what a joy :-) She is also expanding her vocabulary and can say a whole load of things... it's so cute to hear her sweet little voice yelling "TEASE! More TEASE" as she pats her chest in effort for a good snack. Love it! Well Ya'll have a wonderful weekend and soon... I will have some pictures:-)