Friday, September 14, 2012

Wow, where has time flown by! These last few weeks have been a doozy as Mgirl started school, the little kiddos are keeping me busy at home and pursuing a possible new adventure in our life... I feel the constant need to keep moving otherwise if I stop I may just go to sleep and hibernate all winter:-) ZZZzzz! SB is putting on a baby shower for a young girl in need of some support... I feel very blest and honored to be able to help put together some of the decorations... 
 A Sock monkey diaper cake! It was super fun to make and easier too with a few little surprise helpers who just so happened to arrive at my doorstep just as I was rollin' diapers;-) (thanks girlies!)
I thought it turned out quite charming:-)

 more yogurt cheese:-) this stuff is has the consistency of cream cheese and is very yummy!
 All the little chickadees :-)
 Oops! Forgot a few:-)
I found this absolutely adorable as I rounded the corner to pick up my kiddos from gma G's Mbaby in Daddy's old overalls:-) How CUTE!

MGirl Update:
As of last week we are official guardians... which seems like a huge step in a lot of ways and in some ways it doesn't seem like it was. I will say that we are very thankful to have Mgirl in our life and she continues to grow and surprise us everyday. Also a week ago tomorrow... MGIRL has expressed a strong desire to follow Christ and be baptized and to have the support of our church:-) We are filled with joy and can't express how grateful we are to the God who created us all... whether we've come from here or across the seas... or even as a neighbor who just needed love... God sees us for who we are and wants nothing more than to call us His own. It's a blessing to feel security, trust, joy, comfort, and unity. It's been pretty humbling to see not only an adoption of a new daughter but also a new daughter in Christ. WHAT a awesome thing to CELEBRATE!

Enjoy your day!

L1 and family


  1. Praise Jesus for a new member of both your natural family & our spiritual family!

  2. Praise God! Mgirl is such a sweeting and you guys are amazing! Love you all! abs