Friday, November 2, 2012


Well... it's been awhile! I feel like I just checked back in to life as I've been on a mental vaca for the past few weeks... All is well, no worries... momma was just sick:-( So here's a few pictures to update you on what we've been up too the last month or so...
 This boy of mine LOVES kisses:-)
 Freshly squeezed oj to help with the sickness...
 This little girl is just growing up so fast! She's now 3! Crazy!
 Like momma she loves rainboots!
 They just crack me up...
 Fall was WONDERFUL!
 Our dog has grown a bit too!
 Picking out bones for a large dog... you need to find large bones!
 L2's birthday party with friends... the kiddos dressed up and Mbaby was a gator (of course) and L2 was the "birthday Girl"
 Her favorite gift besides the pink and purple gator she got is her bow and arrows! Daddy is proud and she's got a good shot too! Watch out!
 And sometimes C and I get to go on dates:-D

Which can sometimes lead to:

Well... Growing our family:-D Ha!

Yep! We're expecting (1) baby! 

Hope you've enjoyed our update and as I start to feel better and more energized I'll blog some more:-)
Until then... Enjoy!
L1 and family


  1. Congratulations! So excited for you guys!!

  2. The picture of L2 with her bow is SUPER cute. She's beaming. So happy I can chitter chatter about the little one coming now that's it's announced! :) YAY Still sad we missed her birthday party. :(