Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby it's HOT outside!

While we are STILL waiting... We are enjoying the blessing of AIR CONDITIONING! It was hilarious... L2 and Lola came in after being outside a while and both just laid down and chilled under the dining table... Hmm must be a good place to relax:-) L2 has been pretty opinionated on which bows she wears... so notice 3 in her hair!
This little guy is so ADORABLE! LOVE it!
Sunday we were invited to ride ponies at our friend's house ... Must say, it doesn't matter how hot or humid it is... you say pony or horsey and the kids are ALL about it! It was so cute!
Don't know if you notice but L2 is barefooted... takes after her daddy in that regard. He normally rides bareback and bare footed when we're at his grandparents house... so funny!
Okay this is what the temp read in our car on the way to my doc's appt. yesterday! 112 degrees! + what feels like 110% humidity. Never thought I'd see these numbers here in the good ole' midwest!
This mama is desperate to try anything... a few laps on the pony (which yes... held a 39 1/2 wk prego woman just fine and I didn't need any assistance getting on up there, though I had many willing young gentlemen waiting to assist and hoping my pants didn't burst a seam! haha) and still... baby is content just hanging out inside mama. I guess I should be thankful to feel so good and to have a happy baby... I am blest!
I am hoping one of these days I will be able to post our newest little addition! Due Monday.

Enjoy the sun and have fun creating ways to keep cool! Gazpacho soup with grilled sandwiches are a great meal to beat the heat and eat!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

While we wait...

Waiting... waiting... and waiting... I can't WAIT to see meet our little baby! I'm starting to go batty! But while we wait... we are enjoying the last days of just the 3 of us squirrels...
Caught L2 with a book singing Jesus loves me... SO sweet!
Where our sweet new baby will sleep...
(Thanks Gma L for letting me use the family heirloom crib... SO Excited to be able to use it soon:-)
L2 cheesing it up... She was so proud to have put on a headband by herself... what a cutie!

Have a great day!
Hoping next post will be introducing our new one... Or I feel I may stay 9mo prego forEVER!
I know... JUST........ NEEED......... PATIENCE!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's July... Yay! The month I should be popping this little bean out! We had a great time with family this past week at the Lakes... can't believe how old my niece and nephews are... my eldest nephew is 15 and 5'10! I actually have to look UP at him... makes me feel like a little old lady!
It's been fun to pick the "fruits of Caleb's labor" :-D We ( I mean he) actually planted a few things in our garden this year and they grew! L2 loves to help me pick/eat "broc-ee" and today she lifted basil out of the basket and said "daddy... look basil!" .... My girl knows what basil is! So fun!

Papa her favorite pal this past week...
Snacking with Daddy...
Love the look on L2's face...
Hope ya'll had a great 4th!