Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mini Me

Just like daddy...

Just like mommy...
Oh dear...
Happy Easter!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow it's been a busy week! Lot's and LOT's of rain... notice anything odd in the picture of the kitchen??

Yah... a soft spot in the ceiling where C was able to stick his figure through! Thanks rain!

And more interesting things found in my kitchen while my parents were visiting...

Yah... looks better cooked and peeled... yah you have to peel it! Gag! Thanks gap Jo for providing it... thanks mom for cooking it! It did taste good...
You know when my dad's around... anything peanut butter will show up!
Aww more giggles with Gma:-)
Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

B-town Visit

my parents came to visit! Yay! We have had a great time and even got to visit B-town on Sunday... which is always a blessing! L2 enjoyed "papa and grandma" very much...

Lovin' on Papa
Like father like daughter... my little artist in the making:-D
I must say I love this picture because of L2's smile... precious!
A Baby Belly and Rain boots... just a few of my FAVORITE things!
watching papa spell L2's name different ways and drawling a house or something.
Awww... grandma... gotta love grandmas!
my great aunt "E" and sweet little "K" what a doll!

Cousins... so special! love this picture...
Have a blessed Easter weekend and may we remember the most precious thing of all... Jesus Christ, and the ultimate display of Love.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Okay... I have had a request to post a pic of my "baby bump" well I have to admit there aren't a whole lot of pics to choose from, and most I'm wearing a coat. Which I have been able to hide under all winter and as I get to know locals here... they had no idea I was prego till just lately when I've left my coat at home and Presto! a Belly has popped out:-D So here's a picture of L2 mimicking "mommy's baby"... and in the back ground is a good shot of my belly and who knows what I'm talking about. haha But the girl to my right is also expecting 2 wks before me... LOOK how cute she is!
Here's my mini me :-D


Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Little Bean... Wow has she Grown! I have been having problems uploading my pictures to the blog so hopefully we can now update it:-D
L2 is almost 1 1/2! She's been a true blessing and we are so excited for her to become a big sister this summer....
So I've been in cooking mode the last week or so, I think part of my nesting is to make sure that we'll have enough food to feed an army if necessary... Here L2 is "washing" my apples and making daddy "apple sup" (soup) She loves helping me with things in the kitchen and I love seeing her use her imagination:-D
This past weekend was a LITTLE ... okay ALOT stressful as L2 was dealing with a 104.4 temp of and on for a few days... Praise God that she is well and remained happy through it all. I think I'm the one who cried. Here's her nicely chilled Ramboo fever headband...
She loves SHOES or "bootshoe" as she calls them... Hmmm you're probably think she gets this from Mommy... however nobody really knows how much Daddy LOVES shoes too:-D
we're starting to feel more at home and making friendships with those in the community... Remembering that God always can use you no matter where you are. There is always a hurting heart or a lost soul who is needing a friend to introduce a very important friend, Jesus Christ.