Saturday, January 28, 2012

6mo and a haircut

My baby boy desperately needed a haircut... it's been growing out of control and along with his growling... I felt like I had birthed a bear instead of a tender-hearted and determined little boy... SO he turned 6 months this week and I thought it due time he got his first haircut!
First attempt with daddy... but momma couldn't bring herself to cut it... you know how that is, right?
Yep that's how we grow 'em around here:-D
cutting a 6mo old's hair can be a challenge...
You can just hear what's running through his little head..."mom really... come on it's not THAT bad!"
Ah! a toy! BRILLANT!
So one last BEFORE picture and...
my LOVELY little assistant... She's seriously the BEST helper EVER!
My little man! He looks so old now!
Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

So 1 inch weather man? Don't think so!

My little Mbaby favorite past time? doing push ups... he'd out do most grown men! Really... this is his favorite thing to do and he growls while doing it... I think I"m gonna change his nickname to BrotherBear.
If you're a grandma to this little sweetie you're most likely gonna receive one of these little beauties for Valentines.
and a few to hang on our tree:-)
Enjoy the blizzard!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Love to see these two play together... it's such a joy and I am so thankful!
L2 thought she'd let M baby wear her hat this morning...
Little bug... we'll see how this will go over when your teenagers:-)
Highly doubt this boy will let his sister dress him!
What a cutie! Can't get enough!

Hope you've had a great week so far!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Am I crazy? taking a 2yr old and a 5 mo old to a pottery place???

Nope... they were troopers and did quite well... we met our friends there and shared the day painting and playing. Thanks for letting us join you B!
Little man O... he's such a cutie:-)
Well hello there... how do you do? my Mr. and Mrs Bowl. (Those are my lips... I painted my lips and kissed my bowl. Romantic? No... dull and chalky would be the word.)
We had a variety of things we painted and all turned out absolutely adorable!
M baby where'd you go?
Crawling backwards...
Under the bed. My little goonberries... I love you so much!
L2 is growing so much! Can't believe how time flies... she's such a big helper and such a sweetie... Love you L2!
And for Auntie C here's her "chicken run" silly face:-)

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

LONG post:-)

So it's been awhile... TX then home, Indy and B-town then home, S Christmas then home... our Christmas then off to IL now home... and I'm gonna be on DETOX this week... I'm gonna enjoy all the memories that were made these past few weeks, I'm gonna enjoy my little family, and I'm gonna thank God for the blessings He's given us in the year 2011...

with no further ado here are a few photos from out last week...

Doing a much needed cleaning of Papa's nose... he had boogies but no hands to blow it with so the girlies thought they'd help him out... see we do LOVE you papa Joe!
Papa Joe... L2's favorite man of the week:-) (he has really nice ear lobes... haha) Aw seriously ... grandpa and the little girls... so sweet!
Mom really? hanging with just the girlies?? they giggle and wiggle all the time!
3 silly girls in a tub... rub-a-dub-dub:-)
All the great grand-girlies:-)
Christmas at home was nice a Peace-filled:-)
We had a big group over to celebrate Christ's birth... watched the Nativity and drank hot cocoa and decorated ornaments.. BIG thanks to S and G for supervising the kiddos painting:-)

Christmas at my sisters... M&D K flew home and we had a wonderful couple of days hanging around with good food and fun. L2 LOVES her new kitchen and all the goodies that have been given to go with it:-)
M baby is growing growing and GROWING! He was such a joy to have this year! He was definitely the greatest gift this year:-)

ALMOST crawling... seriously... he just turned 5mo and he's scooting backwards at a crazy fast pace... now he gets on all 4s and rocks and lunges forward and face plants in the carpet... it'll be soon enough my life is going to change and I'll be chasing around this little nugget!
SO I'll cherish the quite times when he is still my sweet baby boy:-) what a smushy squishy little dude he is!
He's a GROWING boy and is now eating anything I give him... and then some as you'll see on An's blog...(homemade jerky ) Mmm.

Next on my to-do list to start the year??? an appointment with Michael Buble' and a warm drink of some sort:-) Relaxation... get ready here I come a running... I need you!!!! haha

God bless!
L2 and Family