Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's a party!

Trying to get a picture sent off to C.... was a not so easy feat to get EVERYone in the picture and smiling... but I think we came out alright in the end:-D
Oops where's gma and aunt S and Mbaby...
O there's Mbaby... PULLING my Hair! haha

Awww there we go! all bright eyed and bushy tailed... well except for Mbaby... but it'll do:-)
Love you, Babe!

L1 and family

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


my honey +2kids = a wonderful day of thanking God for the things I love most.

I told L2 that it was Valentine's Day and that it was a day to remember all the things we love most and thank God for them. I asked her to think of some things she loves and is thankful for her answer was surprising and it melted my heart! Her reply? "Ummm, Jesus!"
(Lord, I pray you will always be her first Love.)

Valentine's isn't a real thriller around here and most of the time C has surprised me with something special on a random day of the week Valentine's falls on which is fun... but this year was a little different... an AWESOME different... we decided that L2 was old enough for her first date... with Daddy. I had the pleasure of staying home with a handsome date myself!
This little man and I made daddy's Valentines gift
(with a little mess to top of the evening of coarse! Flying jar of powdered sugar! Blah!)
Made daddy Mexican chocolate pralines:-)

First photo with her first date.... LOVE it!
Precious memories....
C took her to the Build a bear store and let her pick out her gift and dress it to her taste... I am thrilled at the results! C recorded a sweet message in it for her to always remember.

These are the sweet memories I love most! Thank you God for my family!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Ear protection and BlendTec

We always made fun of those cautious people who took the time to protect their ears from possible harmful noises. Well... we invested in a few of these bad boys while in the sport of target play. They have been a life saver or shall I say EAR saver!

In the FIELD...

Making Almond butter is fun and always has been... but with my 3 horse power engine in my BlendTec Blender... it gets alittle noisy... so while L2 is trained to cover her ears with her hands when she sees me even touch the thing... and instead of trying to temporarily move the kids to another county while blending to protect their ears... I decided to try these bad boys at home!
Now the kids don't have to move and they can "help" me in the kitchen for those many noisy projects! Why didn't I think of this a year ago! haha
Tired of trying to STIR that "NO STIR" butter? Well this recipe is awesome and keeps in the fridge spreadable as the moment it was made! Seriously... "NO STIR" required!

3c raw then roasted almonds
1 t. canola oil (optional)
1 pinch salt

Blend for about 10-15min till desired consistency with occasional stopping to scrap down sides.
(will look like dry nut crumbs for the first half of blending don't fret and don't add liquids)
The Perfect Almond Butter EVER!
have a little let over in the blender??? Don't wash it out yet!

Add: 1 hefty scoop of ice-cream
a little milk of choice
1 banana

and Blend... then you have a ....

Happy Husband
With a DELICIOUS Almond butter milkshake! :-D

Have a great day!